Survival is a multiplayer game mode where three players team up to take on 10 waves of enemies. Starting with rather weak enemies, with stronger enemies appearing in later waves and finally ends with one powerful map specific enemy.

Gameplay Edit

Survival is essentially the Anarchy Reigns version of the common Survival Mode. In this game mode, three players choose a character before fighting 10 waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Like with all game modes, absent slots are filled by AI. The game is over if time runs out, the 10th wave is completed or the team is eliminated (all three players are dead). While Health Regeneration and Rampage is available for use, Survival is completely devoid of leveling up, abilities and items, forcing players to rely on their skills and their teammates. After killing a certain amount of enemies in a round, enemy reinforcements may appear (this is probably done to prevent flooding the map with enemies and to prevent waves from being too short).

Each map has an enemy specific to them that appears at the last round;

  • A Kraken.
  • Cthulhu.

Trivia Edit

  • With a total of 5 maps, this game mode has the second least amount of maps, with Death Ball having the least amount with a total of one map.
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