Play My Ass Off is Durga's boss theme and a theme used in many trailers. It features lyrics by Josh Clemons and instrumentation by Naoto Tanaka.


I'm original, you kinda sloppy!

Think you can beat me? Try and stop me!

You wanna be me, you tryin' to copy!

But the only thing you gonna get is beat by me!

I got the whole pie, you want a piece of this?

Show me anybody's ass and I'll beat it quick!

I'm goin' in, I'm goin' hard!

I finish anything, even stuff I don't start!


Let... The games begin!

Run! tell yo' friends!

I came to win! I came to...


Round 2! Ding ding!

I'll break y' neck with one swing!

That ain't the worst off, I draw first blood!

Somebody take him to the doctor, get him nursed up!

I don't play to lose! I play to win!

But if I do? I'll play it again!

I'm going nuts; CASHEWS!

Hit 'em with the combos like fast foods!

- [Chorus]

You didn't hurt me; it's just a scuff mark!

You gotcha ass handed to ya', I tore you apart!

Don't get up so quick! You'll get blind-sided!

This is my house, and you're not invited!

Ya' think you're winning, huh? Don't get too exicted!

I'm bringing fire to the flame, and I'm about to light it!

Let me at 'em! I'll get up and pound 'em!

I'll run circles around 'em, and like beef, I'll ground 'em!

Man, why you scared? Now you're lost for words!

You're kicked to the curb, you gotta lot of nerve!

Man, he tried to run, he didn't get far!

I broke your jaw! Now you're eating outta' straw!

- [Chrous]

- - Repeat

Haha... Oh, what, you thought that was tight? You ain't seen nothing yet. Ahhh, let's do a quick stretch.

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