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Mutants are a recurring enemy in Campaign Mode and a common hazard during Multiplayer matches. They appear in both the Black Side Campaign and the White Side Campaign. However, the tougher Berserker Mutants appear only during the White Side Campaign.


Mutants were man-made monsters designed for use in warfare. However, they broke free from control and began roaming the world, devouring everything deemed edible, including members of their own kind.

Their abilities include superhuman strength, incredible speed, the ability to emit poisonous gas, and the ability to regenerate lost limbs, unless they are sliced in half or their head is destroyed.

Attributes and Skills[]

Mutants are among the more dangerous and strongest enemies, due to their very versatile move-set. Their attacks include tackling the player, swiping twice before following up with a ground pound, emitting poison gas, throwing concrete pieces, a simple uppercut and even attempting to eat the player. However, almost all of their attacks can be blocked and dodged. Their eating attack is easily escaped by mashing buttons and spinning the control stick.

Mutant Variants[]

Berserker Mutants

Berserker Mutants are the results of normal Mutants feeding off members of it's own kind. Their design differs greatly from

Berserker Mutant Introduction.jpg

their normal brethren, as they increase tremendously in size and strength, grow large spikes on their backs, and their skin turns red. Apparently, Berserker Mutants discern neither friend nor foe as a side effect of the unstable evolution, and leaves nothing but blood baths and destruction in their wake.

The junk dealer Edgar Oinkie was somehow able to tame a Berserker Mutant. How he achieved such a feat is unknown.

A Berserker Mutant appears as a playable character during the White Side mission "Berserk Rider".

Super Mutants[]

A trio of Super Mutants

Super Mutants are also Mutants who have evolved after committing cannibalism, but these creatures go through a more stable evolution. While they lack a Berserker's imposing size and bulk, they are still a formidable foe as their strength and speed far exceeds a normal Mutant's. They also appear in packs due to their more stable evolution, making them a huge threat.

Item Mutants

Item Mutants are a special Mutant species that only appear during the Multiplayer game mode Team Battle. In Team Battle, it is possible to obtain an item called Mutant Bait. When used, this item will summon three red or blue Mutants (depending on the team that summoned them) to fight by their team's side. Their level of strength is currently unknown.

Mutant Executions[]

A gameplay element that makes Mutants a unique enemy is the ability to Execute them. Each character has their own Execution for normal Mutants, Super Mutants and Item Mutants, while they all share the same Execution for Berserker Mutants.


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All Mutant Executions


  • Whether the Berserker Mutants or the Super Mutants are the most deadly is up to debate.
  • Douglas Williamsburg has made it his personal mission to destroy every single Mutant, after his home town was completely destroyed by the creatures.
  • Edgar Oinkie seems to be quite fond of Mutants, as he has a pet Berserker Mutant and his Killer Weapon actually involves transforming into a Mutant.
  • The Super Mutants and Item Mutants are the only Mutant species without introduction scenes.
  • If a player attacks a Mutant while in Rampage Mode (regardless of type), the Mutant will actually attempt to block the player's attacks. Of course, this gesture is futile.
  • A lot of the design differences between Berserker Mutants and regular Mutants make no actual difference in-game.