Mad Survival is a co-op mode similar to Survival mode. The 3 players must face 5 rounds and fight against playable characters and sub-bosses. Each location has a different set of characters to face in each round.

Beer Steet Edit

Round One (1): Notorious Bounty Hunters; facing Jack, Baron, and Durga.

Round Two (2) Robot Allies; Big Bull, Gargoyle, and Garuda.

Round Three (3) Mutant Paradise; Oinkie, with two Mutants.

Round Four (4) Sexy Dynamite; Bayonetta, Sasha, Mathilda, Fei Rin

Round Five (5) Item Mastery; Zero, Douglas, Garuda, with four ninja drones. As this is the last fight within this stage/mode, this will be the most difficult one. Garuda contains a shield with a rocket launcher, Zero also contains a shild but, has a sniper rifle last; Douglas contains a sheild with incinerating grenades.

Oil Drill Edit

Round one (1): Pirates Life; Douglas, Max, and Jack.

Round Two (2): Three Meatheads: Oinkie, Big Bull, and Garuda.

Round Three (3): Absolute Zero: Sasha, Fei Rin, with four cryo-killseekers.

Round Four (4): MadWorld: Mathilda, Baron, Rin Rin, and Jack. All four fighters will appear in black and white!

Round five (5): Cybrid Arts: Leo, with five cybrid Joe's.

Jinlong Square Edit

Round one (1): Crimson Dragon: Rin Rin, Fei Rin, Ai Rin.

Round Two (2): Sacred Pledge: Baron, Jack, and Big Bull.

Round Three (3): Team Poison: Bayonetta, Oinkie, and Zero.

Round Four (4): Long Range Attackers: Durga, Gargoyle, with three laser drones.

Round Five (5): Golden Age Of BPS: Max, Leo, Nikoli, Sasha, with four drones, and two flying drones.

Ruins Edit

Round one(1) : Strike One: Nikoli, Leo, Sasha.

Round Two (2): Good Lookin' Guys: Leo, Durga, Zero.

Round three (3): Fire Dancers: Rin Rin, Baron, with four pyrokillseekers.

Round four (4): Infernal Demons: Bayonetta, with three super mutants. Be careful, when Bayonetta blows the infernal kiss, she gains a power-up and her attacks become stronger.

Round five (5): This is Madness!: Nikoli, two Gargoyles, and Cthulhu. (Nikoli and Gargoyle have a powerful shield, in which it will take the entire rampage gauge to get through their shield.)

Station Edit

Round one (1): Mad fighters: Max, Durga, Ai Rin.

Round two (2): Killer Weapons: Douglas, Zero, Durga.

Round three (3): The Shockers: Mathilda, Nikoli, Ai Rin

Round Four (4): Gang War: Oinkie, Big Bull, Two Pyro killseekers, three stun rod killseeekers, and two flame bat killseekers.

Round Five (5): King Of Kings: Three Bar Bots, with two Max's.

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