Killseekers are the most numerous enemies encountered in Anarchy Reigns. They are former Humans mutated by the chemical pollution and bio-weaponry unleashed during the collapse of global civilisation.


A naked Killseeker.

Background Edit

Due to the widespread chemical pollutants released as a result of the last great war, along with the bio-weaponry used during it, widespread mutation and birth defects began to take a major toll against humanity. While Milvallen is implied to be the only place left on Earth where ordinary Humans maintain civilisation, the majority of humanity seems to have devolved into Killseekers.

In appearance, Killseekers display dramatic skin discolouration, which also appears to have grown scales on their backs. While anatomical changes between Humans and Killseekers are unknown (although their humanoid body structure implies it has not been significantly altered), their blood is blue. Psychologically, Killseekers universally display psychotic aggression towards Humans and Cyborgs, regardless of affiliation. However, Killseekers seem to maintain enough social awareness to travel and fight in groups and even recognise authority. This is made evident by Big Bull, Edgar Oinkie and the Rin sisters, each of whom command a faction of Killseekers who obey them.

Variations Edit

Altambra Edit

Unarmed: Killseekers who fight with their bare fists. In Altambra, Unarmed Killseekers wear yellow hoodies and cover their faces with hockey masks or gas masks.

Flaming bat: Killseekers armed with a falming baseball bat, enabling them to inflict more damage than their unarmed counterparts. They are dressed similarly to Unarmed Killseekers, only they wear red hoodies.

Stun rod: Killseekers armed with stun rods, enabling them to stun their target with a well-placed strike. Strangely, these Killseekers are completely naked and have been extensively modified with cybernetics. Their arms, lower legs and right eyes have been replaced with bionic prosthetics. Apparently, their hearts and scrotums have also been augmented as crudely as the rest.

Bull's gang: Killseekers who have sworn loyalty to Big Bull. They are all armed with flaming bats and are adorned in black biker uniforms with Big Bull's symbol printed on the back. They also seem to display respect for Big Bull's allies, as not only do they not attack Jack Cayman after the two fight off an army of Drones, but one apologises to him as they leave to repair Bull for not being of much more use to him.

Port Valenda Edit

Unarmed: All Killseekers in Port Valenda seem to be employed by Edgar Oinkie, and so have been known to abduct cyborgs entering his territory in order to strip them for parts and sell them on the black market. Unarmed Killseekers are identified by their yellow jumpsuits and metallic masks. They also have Oinkie's symbol printed on the backs of their uniforms.

Flaming bat: Identical to their Altambra counterparts, these Killseekers wear similar uniforms to their unarmed allies, albeit with red jumpsuits.

Stun rod: Killseekers armed with stun rods. While displaying similar augmentations to the Altambra version, they also wear purple shorts and a collar holding a vial of what appears to be Oinkie's juice. This is likely to enhance their combat effectiveness, and is likely the cause for their green skin.

Hong Long Edit

Unarmed: Killseekers employed by the Clan of the Crimson Dragon, they can be identified by their yellow uniforms and highly decorated gas masks. While yellow seems to be the uniform colour of unarmed Killseekers, their membership within the Clan may be reminiscent of Ai Rin.

Flaming bat: Clan of the Crimson Dragon Killseekers armed with flaming bats. They are adorned in red uniforms (possibly to represent Rin Rin) and what appears to be welding masks.

Qing Long Dao: Killseekers armed with swords and remarkable agility, enabling them to launch themselves in a spinning flurry of slices. These Killseekers are clad in purple uniforms and presumably porcelain masks. Although these Killseekers seem to be the best the Clan of the Crimson Dragon have to offer, they strangely seem to represent Fei Rin, even thoug Rin Rin is the apparent leader of the Clan.

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