Anarchy Reigns' control scheme is similar to action titles that pre-date it, for example Bayonetta, Dynasty Warriors and movie-tie-in brawlers, featuring a system of light and heavy attacks.


This is the control scheme for Anarchy Reigns, in both Xbox and PlayStation versions.

Xbox 360 PlayStation3 Function
Xbox-Left Stick PS-Left Stick Character Movement
Xbox-Right Stick Playstation-Right Stick Camera
Xbox-A Button Playstation-X


Xbox-X Button Playstation-Square Light Attack
Xbox-Y Button Playstation-Triangle Heavy Attack
Xbox-B Button Playstation-O Grab/Escape
Xbox-LB Playstation-L1 Lock On
Xbox-LT Playstation-L2 Ready Killer Weapon
Xbox-X Button+Xbox-A Button Playstation-Square+Playstation-X 360 Degree Attack
Xbox-LT+Xbox-X Button Playstation-L2+Playstation-Square Light Killer Weapon Attack
Xbox-LT+Xbox-Y Button Playstation-L2+Playstation-Triangle Heavy Killer Weapon Attack
Xbox-Dpad Playstation-Dpad

Taunt (Press Up)

Use Item (Press Left or Right)






Hold Playstation-R1




Xbox-A Button





Press Xbox-Left Stick


Press Xbox-Right Stick

Press PS-Left Stick


Press Playstation-Right Stick

Activate Rampage


The bottom-most function button, Xbox-A Button/Playstation-X, is your jump. Along with basic navigational properties, attacks performed in mid-air are quick and relentless, and you can jump during or after certain combos that launch the opponent into the air to dish out attacks that cannot be guarded.

In combo notation, this is either (Jump) or 'J', however since Anarchy Reigns is a 3D brawler, 2D combo (numpad) notation is less than applicable.

Light AttackEdit

The left most function button, X/Square, is your Light Attack. You can count on this button to always do a similar thing, no matter where you are, the only difference being whether you are in the air or on the ground. These attacks lack force but make up for them with sheer speed. In combo notation, this is known as L.

Strong AttackEdit

The top-most function button, Xbox-Y Button/Playstation-Triangle, is your Strong Attack. What these attacks lack in combo potential, they make up for in knock-back force and damage. The attack is often contextual depending on when it is pressed during a combo, if you are rising or diving during a jump, and whether it is held.

In combo notation, this is known as H (Heavy). H can be held in order to charge up a powerful lunge (dash) attack, which covers a lot of ground in a direction you choose. At full charge and with full hits, lunge attacks will break all guards.

The above two buttons make up the greatest of your attack repertoire. H can be pressed anytime before your combo finisher for various combo attacks with various properties. H can also have a shorter combo, often up to three attacks, through the input string H-L-H for most male and H-H-H for most female characters. See the Combos section for more details.


Guarding is basically a means of blocking attacks, this serves as your means of defense. Evading is as the name implies, you will jump/roll away to evade.


The last face button is the right-most one, Xbox-B Button/Playstation-O. A contextual grab/grab escape button, your grab attack will cause fair damage to anyone who suffers it. Not only that, but it looks cool too, and offers you valuable moments of invincibility. However, if someone sees your grab coming and mashes the grab button, they will break out of it leaving both characters at a stalemate.

Killer WeaponsEdit

Every character has a Killer Weapon, they each are unique and have special attacks/executions; to use this there is a bar that must be filled, once filled you may use the Killer Weapon for a few powerful attacks.

They vary in elements, type and how they attack. They are also used in a specific game mode in order to score points, this is known as the Super Star Shots (the elemental type comes into play in this game mode).


Rampage is an ability that gives the player a temporary increase in speed and damage. While in this mode the Killer Weapon is unlimited and quite powerful. The ability must be charged in order to use (similar to the Killer Weapon).

Generally this is either used as a last resort, against a boss, or as a means to quickly finish off opponents.




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