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Gargoyle (ガーゴイル) is a type of combat robot created and mass-produced to battle mutants and cyborgs. They are capable of transforming into a compact flight mode, similarly to Garuda (who was based on the Gargoyle unit).

Role in the StoryEdit

A platoon of Gargoyles appear in Port Valenda during Jack Cayman's mission to find Max. Jack shoots a majority of them down with a stationary gatling gun. The rest of the platoon, however, manages to get in close, but are easily defeated.

Later on, they appear in Bari Shur during the fight against Cthulhu, providing support to the mechanical behemoth.

Personality and Background Edit

"Gargoyles are anti-mutant robots mass-produced by the drone army. Equipped with a full complement of shoulder-mounted missiles, light yet strong composite plating rated to withstand mutant attack, and the ability to transform between humanoid, hovercraft and flight modes, their cost per unit is incredibly high.

The go-to weapons for a Gargoyle are its Plasma Arms, weapons which compresses plasma into spheres for high-impact blows. These spheres can also be further charged, then launched a distance of several meters." - In game profile.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

Although Gargoyle has similar moves like Garuda, it's Killer Weapon provides significant changes for it to be considered a separate character, namely the fact that Gargoyle can fire his Killer Weapon attacks as ranged projectiles, unlike Garuda.


A Gargoyle can be unlocked as a playable character using one of two methods:

  • Beat both Jack and Leo's Red Side in the Campaign mode.
  • Reach level 22 in online multiplayer.


  • In Mad Survival, it appears in the following teams; Robot Allies, Long Range Attackers and This is Madness! (x2).


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