The Rampage meter for all characters is represented by a small icon on the bottom left of the screen under your health and killer weapon bars. This icon not only tells you how ready your rampage is, but what element the character your using is. Although this is a small thing, knowing this can help you in most situations, especially in the Death Ball gamemode. but this can be used to your advantage in normal gameplay too.

The elements here are all listed, as well as their advantages in game play, however, they are all similar to each other in this respect and while you can easily play without this knowledge, knowing about them will allow you to plan out future tactics.

Death Ball is the gamemode that truly uses these elements. Once a Super Star Shot is used, th ball flies towards the opposing goal. You cannot stop the ball if you're not of the same element. The only exception is if you're in Rampage, which is a steep cost. So pay attention to what your opponents elements are, and see if you can organise a defense in case they get these weapons.

Fire ElementEdit

Represented by a small flame symbol with 3 forks coming off it.

Fire element characters are the most common in the game, including Jack, Baron, Rin Rin, and Durga for example.

Their advantage is simple, They are less flamable and therefore can break out of a flame effect from an enemy, hazard or explosion a lot faster than someone that is not Fire.

In multiplayer cases, if you're on the map Foundry, Fire types will have an extreme advantage due to the fact all other types if they touch the lava will be stunned long enough for someone to start a Heavy Killer weapon on them, Fire characters meanwhile will break out from its effects in mere moments, making it a lot harder to pin them down. Of course, if they are still standing in the lava, it will still deal damage, it doesn't make them immune, just more resistant.

Lightning ElementEdit

Represented by a single electricity bolt symbol.

Lightning element characters are probably the second most common, including Leo, Nikolai, Max and Ai Rin.

Their advantage is identical to the fire elements, however their uses are more restricted. During stuns from Electric attacks like Max's fully charged heavy counter. They will break out within a short time period, while others will remain stunned for a good few seconds.

The electric stun is useful for gaining additional damage, however, trying to kill someone in style with a Heavy Killer, will cause them to be uneffected. They'll still lose health though, but the style and invincibility during the animation will be gone, this is why it's much more restricted compared to Fire.

Poison ElementEdit

Represented by a skull icon.

Poison is likely the most rare, Zero and Oinkie being two of them, with an exception of the DLC character, Bayonetta.

In terms of advantage, they truly don't have one, against other players anyway unless there is a poison vs poison, buts it's incredibly rare. Poison is only truly useful if you're terrible against mutants, and keep being stunned by their venom/toxic releases. Poison characters are nearly unaffected by them.

Poison however due to its rarity does have an extreme advantage in Death Ball. Upon using their Super Star shot, They actually fire two balls, which can confuse most players. The fake one vanishing after so long while the true one heads to the goal.

Ice ElementEdit

Represented by a snow flake icon.

More than likely the middle element, with Sasha, Fei Rin, and Garuda.

Their advantages are that freezing attacks will not keep them locked down in place nearly as long as other characters with elements will be, and they will recieve lesser damage upon coming into contact with water.

Ice is very similar to Lightning, with its stun animations.

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