A standard Drone

The recognition of the ineffectiveness of Human soldiers in contaminated wastelands led to the development of the Drones. Drones are robot soldiers serving as the private armies of the rich and powerful of emerging nations, boasting a wide range of applications including security and assassination. Although Jack encounters Drones several times throughout the Black Side campaign, Leo never does outside of free missions or free roam. This may be due to implications that Nikolai may have been responsible for sending them against Jack, as Leo overhears him mentioning Drones while sending Sasha to delay Jack.

Variants Edit

Drone: The most common variant of Drone, standard Drones are lightly armoured and equipped with either automatic rifles or missile launchers. When defeated, Drones will engage their self-destruct, inflicting damage on the player if they are caught within the blast radius.

Shield Drone: Drones named for their energy shield projected from their arm. They are also more resilient than other Drones and are equipped with shotguns, making them very difficult to approach and attack. Interestingly, their helmet resembles those of Roman Legionnaires, likely an aesthetic complement to their shield.

Flying Drone: Drones designed for operation in any terrain, Flying Drones are capable of sustained flight rather than the short hovering other Drones use for landing during their aerial deployment or avoiding enemies in close quarters. Flying Drones are armed with automatic rifles and grenades and are able to make confusing flight patterns to make themselves difficult targets. However, they are lightly armoured in order to maintain their flight effectiveness, making them the least durable type of Drone.

Laser Drone: Drones equipped with shoulder mounted lasercannons capable of inflicting extreme damage to their targets. Notably, they boast an extremely powerful self-destruct in comparison to others, unleashing a miniature nuclear explosion when destroyed.

Ninja Drone: Drones designed for stealth, Ninja Drones are armed with swords, forcing them to rely solely on melee attacks. Ninja Drones boast incredible agility, enabling them to perform exaggerated dodging maneuvers to avoid enemy attacks. Ninja Drones are extremely similar in appearance to Zero, who is indicated to gather information on his oppenents and upload it to Ninja Drones to upgrade them. Interestingly, Ninja Drones can be seen impaling themselves with their own swords when entering their self-destruct state, as though they are committing seppuku to preserve honour after they are defeated.

BPS Drone: Drones used exclusively by the Bureau of Public Safety, BPS Drones are designed to be hybrids of the standard, shield and flying models of Drone. They are equipped with the same weaponry as standard Drones, the energy shields of Shield Drones and the propulsion systems of Flying Drones. BPS Drones are Only encountered during the final battle against Nikolai.and penultimate waves on the Ruins and Subway maps on Survival. As stated by their bio in the character gallery, BPS Drones are typically attached to BPS agents for investigative and combat support.

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