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"Sometime you gotta have a pair to get ahead in life..." - Tagline

Douglas Williamsburg (ダグラス) is a veteran warrior who fights against all Mutant kind. He wishes to destroy all mutants in existence, as an act of revenge due to every person in his home town having been eaten by them. He holds a deep seeded grudge against the current armed forces, the BPS, as they had ignored his calls for assistance to save his village.

Role in the StoryEdit

White sideEdit

Douglas appears in the white side campagin, he fights Leo after realising he's a member of the BPS. Eventually, a swarm of Mutants appear and the two combatants team up to survive the attack. After the last remaining mutant is dead Douglas shows Leo his gratitude and newfound respect, stating he isn't "half-bad". Before departing, Douglas asks Leo to kill every mutant he sees. The BPS agent obliges and they part ways.

Personality and BackgroundEdit

"Douglas Williamsburg stood helplessly by as his wife and child were eaten alive by mutants, suffering from near mortal injuries himself in the process. Only by submitting to an almost complete cybernetic overhaul was he able to survive; all that remains of his original body is his head.

Douglas has made hunting mutants a personal crusade for decades, using a pair of tremendously powerful pistons installed in his arms. He has no specific fighting style, preferring to leap into the fray on instinct and let his massive armament do the work. According to Douglas, the mutants deserve little else." - In game profile.

Douglas is a gruff and serious man, he deeply cared for his people and their loss; especially the loss of his family while he was helpless to do anything. Ever since the Mutant attack on his village he's taken it upon himself to destroy any mutant around. He has his grudges but is a reasonable man. Douglas is a hardened fighter who wishes to fight against all Mutant kind. He hopes to exterminate all mutants in existence, as an act of revenge after every person in his home town having been eaten by them. He also holds a deep seeded grudge against the current armed forces, the BPS, as they had ignored his calls for assistance to save his village.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

He doesn't use a fighting style and attacks in any way possible. From basic punches to throwing his cybernetic body straight into a swarm of enemies he is a brawler through and through. His normal combo isn't too impressive but his power attacks have good tracking, decent range, and high damage. He can grab 2 enemies at once by their legs, spinning around, lifting them up and slamming them down. This makes him extremely efficient at destroying swarms of drones. His killer weapons are a pair of pile bunkers built into his cybernetic arms. The attack string for them is open palm strike with one side, then the other, then both at once. It feels powerful but he lacks a 4th hit. His power attack is to grab the opponent by the head and fire the pile multiple time then letting go as the pile launches the enemy away.

Palette swapsEdit

Number Color
1 Turquoise
2 Blue
3 Green
4 White
5 Black
6 Purple
7 Red
8 Orange
9 Yellow
10 Chartreuse


  • "My foot up your ass." - Douglas first taunt
  • "Goddamn, I need to beat something up." - Douglas second taunt
  • "You youngin's want a damn ass kickin'?" - Douglas third taunt
  • "Well that felt great, what do I owe ya'?" - Douglas fourth taunt
  • "Another day, another ass kickin'." - Douglas' victory chan
  • "Time to get to work." - Douglas character select


  • Douglas is the oldest character in the game, apperantely being 180 years of age. By contrast, the youngest is Garuda, being at 2 years since his brain transplant.
  • Along with Garuda, Douglas has the shortest screen time during Campaign mode among the playable characters (excluding Bayonetta). Both of them appearing in only one mission each during the White Side campaign.
  • Both of the above is fitting as Douglas and Garuda shares the same English voice actor
  • Douglas was voiced by Chris Edgerly in the English version and Makoto Terada (A.K.A Mugihito) in the Japanese version.
  • Douglas does not have a bio card, so his stats can only be seen at the VS screen in a Cage Match or a Duel to the Death. Douglas has a theme called my town my city when encountering him.


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