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A Cybrid Joe on Beer Street

Cybrid Joes are a rare, but very powerful enemy in Anarchy Reigns that never appear outside of Free Missions in Campaign mode and rarely in some Multiplayer modes.


Cybrid Joes are amongst the strongest enemies in Anarchy Reigns that were originally programmed with core BPS battle mechanics, designed as a training dummy for the BPS. However, an outside hacker managed to steal a Cybrid Joe's data, allowing for multiple illicit copies to be created. The BPS has made their recovery a mission of the highest priority.

A Cybrid Joe is always labelled as a fugitive thanks to their background stating that they were stolen from the BPS. The only time that Cybrid Joes appear in Campaign mode are at the end of the Black Side mission 'Hive of Scum and Villainy' and White Side missions 'The Fugitive' and 'The Fugitive's Path'.

Cybrid Joes are a nod to an enemy in the game God Hand, known as Tiger Joe, who fights very similarly to Cybrid Joes and are also considered one of the strongest opponents in their respective game.

The even rarer and even more powerful enemy, the Cybrid Bar-Bot, was likely based off a Cybrid Joe due to having similar movements and techniques.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

Cybrid Joes are amongst the strongest enemies in Anarchy Reigns and are always treated as a boss-type character in Campaign mode. A Cybrid Joe will always run away from either Jack or Leo when approached by them and will often attack when the player gets close enough. They may start running again after they have damaged the player significantly. When they reach a specific spot though, they will start to run around in circles, giving the player time to catch them. A Cybrid Joe will often double its running speed when damaged enough by the player. In the multiplayer modes in which they appear, they are a lot more aggressive and will actively hunt nearby players.

A Cybrid Joe's attacks are all unstoppable, so the player cannot attack them to throw them off. A Cybrid Joe will often attack as the player is comboing it. It also actually has the ability to evade some of the player's attacks and will often not hesitate to do so. It also cannot be grabbed by the player, since it will always grab-break them.

Cybrid Joes attack very quickly, giving the player ample time to react. One of the Cybrid Joe's most used attacks is a slow explosive kick that hammers the player into the ground if they are caught by it and will knock them away if caught in its blast radius. It also has a kick combo which often doesn't make the player flinch, despite causing some heavy damage, with another slow explosive kick to cap off the combo.

They can also attack the player at a range if need be, by quickly throwing an explosive wave of flame at the opponent by kicking. They also have an equivalent of a 360 attack by quickly hopping into the air and causing a large explosion around them.

They also have a trump card attack that they rarely use. They will throw up their legs into the air and start spinning around in a breakdance-like motion, causing a large pillar of flame to shoot up into the sky. They will bounce around off the walls sporadically during this attack and it will severely hurt, if not flat out kill the player if they are caught by it.

However, they can be defeated easily by using Rampage Mode.

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