Bar-Bot middle finger

The Cybrid Bar-Bot is an incredibly strong enemy in Anarchy Reigns that only ever appears in Survival and its more difficult variant Mad Survival.


This variant of a Bar-Bot is a special enemy in Anarchy Reigns, as it is not ever encountered in the Campaign or non-survival Multiplayer modes. The Cybrid Bar-Bots bear a striking resemblance to Cybrid Joes in terms of appearance and move set, indicating that a regular Bar-Bot possibly underwent the transformation in order to become tougher. Cybrid Bar-Bots are always the final enemy fought at the end of the Station map on either Survival, with three appearing at once in Mad Survival.

Fighting StyleEdit

In terms of fighting style, a Cybrid Bar-Bot isn't that much different from a Cybrid Joe, as they effectively use the same moves, barring a couple of unique moves of the Bar-Bot. However, a Cybrid Bar-Bot's moves are a lot stronger and faster than a Cybrid Joe's, and they also have a lot more health and are harder to hit due to dodging and rolling around more often. Most of a Bar-Bot's attacks will involve shooting waves of flame (something that a Cybrid Joe would rarely do), such as an attack where flame waves are shot from all directions around the Bar-Bot. These allow it to take out characters from a distance. Uniquely, a Cybrid Bar-Bot also has a variant of Rampage mode which only activates if its health is low enough. Here the Bar-Bot's attacks become even faster and stronger, making it much more difficult to take down.


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