Big Bull
Anarchy Reigns - Bigbull


Big Bull


Cyborg (Brain is the only active remaining tissue)


4 years in robot body( 31 Biologically)





Killer Weapon

Jet Hammer

"You're gonna get nailed!" - Tagline

Big Bull (ビッグ·ブル) (known as The Big Bull Crocker in MadWorld) is a cyborg combatant in Anarchy Reigns. He was previously a killseeker in the DeathWatch Games on ShockTV 86. Big Bull was defeated by Jack multiple times throughout the entirety of the Games. Their final encounter resulted in Big Bull's death and Jack's acquisition of the double chainsaw. At death, Big Bull was thirty one years old. Despite his apparent death, his brain survived and he was outfitted in a bull like cybernetic body. While it is unknown who outfitted him with his new body, he has been in his current state for at least four years. Despite standing over nine foot tall and weighing more than twenty eight hundred pounds, Big Bull is still a quick fighter thanks to the help of the suit's propulsion system. Big Bull can release the safety locks restraining his suit, allowing him to use the engine of the propulsion sytem as a hammer. His fighting style consists of Kung- Fu moves, mixed with bull- like moves of his own.



Role in the StoryEdit

Big Bull appears in the Black Side Campaign, but is absent in the White Side Campaign. He first appears when Jack is about to exit the bar, and notices Big Bull. Later, Jack encounters and fights Big Bull in a foundry. After the battle, Big Bull announces that Jack is now a part of his brotherhood (to which Jack exclaims "The fuck?"). Big Bull later returns to help Jack in a battle against a squadron of drones (which has been sent by Nikolai), but gets wounded in the fight.

Much later on, Big Bull (along with Rin Rin) returns to help Jack against Cthulu, whom has been sent by the ninja Zero. Afterwards he mysteriously disappears.

Personality and Background Edit

"Four years ago, Big Bull suffered a debilitating injury, and elected to have his brain transplanted into a cybernetic behemoth. Despite complete mechanization, Bull remains fully juiced with testosterone... and always ready to settle a dispute with his hooves.

Well-versed in Baijiquan, a style of kung-fu he studied while still fully human, Bull also makes use of a monolithic jet-propelled hammer. Of course, his most frightening asset in combat may be the ability to throw 1.5 tons of body weight around without breaking a (metaphorical) sweat." - In game profile.

Palette swapsEdit

Number Color
1 Green
2 White
3 Brown
4 Lavender
5 Red
6 Orange
7 Yellow
8 Chartreuse
9 Turquoise
10 Blue


  • "WHERE'S THE BEEF!?" - Bull's first taunt
  • "You're gonna get nailed!" - Bull's second taunt
  • "I was BORN horny!" - Bull's third taunt
  • "I'm the Big Bull!" - Big Bull's character select


  • On the main menu, Big Bull can be seen arm wrestling with Garuda.
  • Big Bull was voiced by Rick D. Wasserman in the English version and Kenichiro Matsuda in the Japanese version.
  • He is the only character returning from MadWorld who wields a completely different weapon than what they are depicted using in the game they first appeared in, as he wielded a makeshift double bladed chainsaw made from two chainsaws wrapped together by some chains, while he wields his giant warhammer, the "Jet Hammer" in Anarchy Reigns.
    • This change was likely made to avoid redundancy and give a diversity in fighting styles, as Jack Cayman already has a dual-bladed chainsaw, albeit one installed into his cybernetic arm.
  • He is the only character (besides Bayonetta) that doesn't use his killer weapon during a mutant execution.


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