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Bayonetta (Cereza)
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"Bad boy..."


Bayonetta (Real Name Cereza)


Human (Umbra Witch)




(Magical Unit of Measurement) 11.951 uwh


(Magical Unit of Measurement) 4.67 uww

Killer Weapon

Wicked Weave

"She's a f***ing celebrity in this town, too!" - Tagline

Bayonetta (ベヨネッタ) is the titular main character and protagonist of the game Bayonetta and its sequel, Bayonetta 2, and is a coquettish and mysterious Umbra Witch who possesses remarkable talent for the bullet arts and immense power. Her special in Anarchy Reigns is Wicked Weave.

The narrative reason for her appearance inAnarchy Reigns remains unclear.

Initially, in order to play as Bayonetta, players needed to have pre-ordered her for either the PS3 or the Xbox 360 versions of the game. However on April 9th, 2013, Bayonetta became available as DLC on Playstation Network for only $0.99 and on the Xbox Marketplace for $2.99.

Personality and Background[]

"Bayonetta is a descendant of the Umbra WItch clan that perished from the Earth 500 years ago. Excelling at the Umbra's legendary Bullet Arts, a martial arts regime that combines both firearm and melee attacks. Bayonetta is known for her trigger happy fighting style aided by the four guns attached to each of her limbs. These weapons are collectively known as Scarborough Fair. She is a master of the Wicked Weave, a witchcraft technique that uses her hair as a catalyst to summon a powerful Infernal Demon known as Madame Butterfly that sends her angelic foes cowering in fear. Her cool demeanor is not to be mistaken with boredom; on the contrary, while she has no interest in the personal disputes of others, it seems something about the uproar in Milvallen has piqued her curiosity enough to come this far to rumble." - In game profile.

Attributes and Skills[]

Bayonetta's style and combos are similar to those in her own game. In Anarchy reigns, Bayonetta is classified as a light character, thus her attacks are quick and nimble and her combos are fluid and plentiful. Like most smaller characters, some of her combos can be jump cancelled, allowing a rising heavy attack to launch her opponent.

Bayonetta's Killer Weapon Light is a series of Wicked Weave punches. In the air she can deliver up to two punches with excellent range and damage.Her Killer Weapon Heavy is a Wicked Weave kick attack does some great damage, and has surprising speed on the ground. In the air she plummets straight down with a heel kick with 360-degree range. The amount of damage done depends on the proximity of the opponent. It should be noted, however, that this attack leaves Bayonetta vulnerable to strikes from unaffected opponents.

While in mid-air, her light attack involves firing her guns. This attack has decent range and can be performed multiple times until Bayonetta reaches the ground, or it can be coupled with a heavy attack to deal even more damage.

A noteworthy combo for Bayonetta is weak, weak, heavy, heavy. this is Bayonetta's "bread and butter" combo, it's excellent at baiting a 360 because of the first heavy being a hard knockdown, and Bayonetta can cancel the combo after the hard knockdown into a rising heavy launcher, from which she can infinite them (every female has an infinite) and/or top it off with the infamous glitch discussed below or some light killer weapons. If one chooses to finish the combo, she can string in her four hit ground Killer Weapon Light combo. other useful combos: heavy, delay light, heavy (can be jump cancelled after the delay light) any combo with her delay light punch after a light attack(s) can be strung into her ground killer weapon light series.

Bayonetta has a reputation for a glitch that she can perform that allows her to string 1 Killer Weapon Light in the air into a Heavy Killer Weapon in the air by skipping half of the Heavy Killer Weapon animation. (this combo is not normally possible). The glitch uses only 1 killer weapon bar (but you must have at least two bars in your meter). The glitch is not exclusive to her.

Her grabs are flamboyant and stylish and deal decent damage, and her taunt is a flying kiss.



  • Bayonetta's red costume is a reference to Viewtiful Joe while her white costume is a reference to Amaterasu (from Okami), two other characters created by Hideki Kamiya. In addition, her yellow costume is a reference to Bruce Lee's Game of Death outfit.
  • Furthermore, her white costume is near identical to Jeanne's true outfit in the original Bayonetta game.
  • In Death Ball, her Superstar move is to summon Gomorrah, Devourer of the Divine, an Infernal Demon.
  • Bayonetta has the smallest health bar of all the characters.
  • Bayonetta's element is Poison.
  • To finish off mutants, Bayonetta summons the guillotine, which she uses in her own game to kill smaller angels.
  • Bayonetta's back grab didn't appear in the game Bayonetta, however it had originally been intended to be a torture attack as shown in the games beta trailer. Its inclusion in Anarchy Reigns is likely the programmers making a call back to the games early stages of development.
  • Bayonetta's voice in Anarchy Reigns is completely compromised of sound clips from her game.
    • And because of that, she's the only character to have only one voiceover language, in this case, she is only voiced in English, due to the original Xbox 360 and PS3 release of the original Bayonetta game only having English voices.
    • Starting with the release of the Wii U version in the original Bayonetta game as well as Bayonetta 2, the voiceover can be switched to Japanese, in which has the same voice cast as the anime adaption, Bayonetta: Bloody Fate.
  • When Bayonetta charges her heavy Killer Weapon the pose she enters is a taunt from her own game.
  • She is often regarded as one of the best fighters in the game, due to her attack being both very powerful and very fast.
  • In her cage match stat screen, her height and weight are displayed as Magical Units of Measurement, these being 'uwh' and 'uww', most likely meaning "Umbra Witch Height" and "Umbra Witch Weight". These don't show up in Bayonetta's game of origin at all, and were likely made up solely for Anarchy Reigns.
  • In Mad Survival mode you can encounter Bayonetta and a group of super mutants, during this fight the song "Mysterious Destiny" plays, this song is the battle theme from Bayonetta. The song can only be heard during this fight as it is not unlockable.
  • Bayonetta is also a downloadable character in the latest game of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series, Super Smash Bros. 4.