This is a list of the songs in the original soundtrack of Anarchy Reigns.


No. Title Artist Length
1. "Ruthless" Tre-Dot
2. "Over In A Flash" Sick YG
3. "My Pride" Skitz the Samurida
4. "Sound The Alarm" Ox
5. "Mortified" Wonder Brown
6. "Laughin At U" Tre-Dot
7. "Soon Enough" Sick YG
8. "I Know U Want Me" Bandy Leggz
9. "My Town, My City" Skitz the Samurida
10. "Gotta Get The Cash" Doujah Raze
11. "Kill Em All" Ox
12. "MDK's" Vstylez
13. "They Came From Underground" Rushden & Diamonds
14. "Play My Ass Off" Josh Clemons
15. "Venom" muzeONE
16. "Unlimited Resources" Skitz the Samurida
17. "Jaw" muzeONE
18. "Play For Keeps" Sick YG
19. "We Play" Doujah Raze
20. "The Hand Of Science" Skitz the Samurida
21. "Here We Go" Theory Hazit
22. "Demise" Wonder Brown
23. "Days of Old" Vstylez
24. "It's All About Me" Bandy Leggz
25. "Fast Lane" Rushden & Diamonds
26. "Testin' Me" Doujah Raze
27. "Rock On" Tre-Dot
28. "We All Soldiers" Skitz the Samurida
29. "Lights Out" Ox
30. "Merciless" Theory Hazit
31. "Find You" Doujah Raze
32. "This Is Madness" Dilated Peoples
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